Winix AM90 Review: A High-quality Air Purifier

The Winix AM90 Air Purifier is among the affodable recommendations from this South Korean company. It appears to fit the expense for purchasers stuck in between a tight budget as well as a demand for a high-quality air purifier. The Winix AM90 is one of the great model in Winix household and has the special feature going for it, the Alexa voice control. Here is a detailed Winix AM90 review for you to take into consideration.

Winix AM90 Review

Winix AM90 Price

Winix AM90 review: price

Winix AM90 is not as economical as points like Winix C535, Winix 5300-2 as well as Winix 5500-2, as well as you can think about a lot of air cleansers at the cost of $349. Nonetheless, only the Winix AM90 can offer you the smart as well as practical way to regulate your air purifier-Alexa as well as Wi-Fi control. So to compare with non-Alexa air cleansers like Winix HR900 and Winix NK105, the Winix AM90 still has top benefit.

Winix AM90 Design

The Winix AM90 feels like a solid, high-end piece of package. It appears like an unibody air cleanser, with the 3D rectangular form and also full white color layered housing. The perforated air grill grants the Winix AM90 a similar sensation of the a lot more pricey AIRMEGA 300S, yet certainly, without the 360 ° air vent.

When it comes to looks the Winix AM90 truly hits the ball out of the park. This air cleanser genuinely combines a superior feel with gorgeous appearances which are fairly distinct in this rate brace.

For the dimension, the Winix AM90 is 23.5 inches in height, which is quite comparable to the usual gadgets of this brand name like Winix C555 and also Winix 6300-2. It’s additionally a little thinner with just 15 inches in size.

On top of this Winix AM90, close to the visual electrical outlet air grill, we have a little control board, which is clearly picking up from the high-range AIRMEGA 300S as well as AIRMEGA 400S.

The Winix AM90 weighs 16.5 lbs, making it a little bit much heavier than the normal Winix air cleansers of exact same dimension. The handle is rather bothersome, as well as moving this air cleanser around your house proves a little bit difficulty.

Winix AM90 Filtration

Winix AM90 review: filtration

An air purifier is only as good as its filtration system. We are quite captivated that regardless of its reasonably low price tag, this unit utilizes a 4-stage filtration system:

Pre-filter: this is responsible for the initial testing. It catches PM 10 bits, consisting of family pet fur, hair, and dander, before getting to the pricey True HEPA and also Activated Charcoal filters. Basically, it protects the succeeding displays from being clogged by coarser pollutants.

Turned on Charcoal filter: this filter is treated with carbon dioxide, hot air, and also heavy steam to make it ideal for adsorbing organic gases, smells, and also scents..
Real HEPA filter: a True HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) is a floor covering of fiberglass fibers that have been shown to stop 99.97% of air contaminants determining 0.3 microns. These consist of mold and mildew spores, viruses, bacteria, and family pet dander, dust, and allergen.


Winix AM90


This air purifier is advised for use in rooms with as much as 360 sq. ft. It has a CADR of 233/240/230 cfm for dirt, pollen, as well as smoke, respectively, and an ACH rating of 4x. CADR is a phrase for Clean Air Delivery Rate. This is a dimension of just how much air (in cubic feet) the air filter can cleanse. ACH stands for Air Changes per Hour. This rating shows the variety of times per hour that the device will exchange the air in the room.

Noise level

Developed to be used also in kid’s bed rooms, it’s not surprising that this air cleanser is just 28 dB at its lowest fan speed setup. It can get to noise degrees of as much as 55 dB when running on High and Turbo, though. While this sound degree is obvious, the most effective part is that you’ll seldom need to run the purifier on these high setups for as well lengthy.

Power Usage

Power intake is a large interest in air cleansers because they are implied to run for hours on end. A lot of them are super power effective, however, and the AM90 isn’t left out.

This unit has a power score of 64 watts. This suggests that you’ll be paying around $34 every year, assuming that you run it for 12 hrs each day, and also you are charged $0.12 per kilowatt-hour of electrical power.

We hope that you find the Winix AM90 review helpful for your choice.


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