Interesting Things to Do in Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb, the Croatian capital, is a happening place thanks in large part to its vibrant cultural and arts scene that permeates everything. It is a lovely city with a plethora of great things for visitors to see and do. Read on this post to know interesting things to do in Zagreb.

Interesting Things to Do in Zagreb

1. The Upper Town

interesting things to do in Zagreb: The Upper Town


Narrow cobblestone streets, captivating buildings, historical surroundings, the Upper Town will charm you away. If you want to feel and see the old part of the city, this is the place to start. You can reach the Upper Town either by stairs or funicular. Either way, the trip up the hill is worth your while. From street to street you can sightsee the best places of the upper town, including St Mark’s Church, whose beauty is seen from afar thanks to its distinctive roof.

2. Zagreb Cathedral

interesting things to do in Zagreb: Zagreb Cathedral


Consecrated in 1217, it is fair to say that Zagreb Cathedral has undergone numerous changes and setbacks over its long and tumultuous history. Razed by the Mongols shortly after being completed, and severely damaged in an earthquake, the cathedral that stands before us today is a stunning building and the architecture is simply awe-inspiring. Neo-Gothic in style, the facade of the cathedral glistens in the sun and its twin spires dominate Zagreb’s skyline.

Used as an observation tower when the country was invaded by the Ottomans, fortified walls still surround the cathedral at certain points. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, the interior of the cathedral is just as magnificent, with statues and paintings adorning its walls.

3. Stone Gate

interesting things to do in Zagreb: Stone Gate


The dramatic Stone Gate (Kamenita Vrata) is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, providing a useful navigation point for visitors passing between the Upper and Lower towns. The stone-carved arch is more than just a gateway though – local legend has transformed it into a shrine and the adjourning chapel flickers with candles, lit daily by local worshippers in honor of the Virgin Mary.

The origins of the Stone Gate date back to as early as 1266 and today the restored archway forms a key part of the ruins of the ancient city walls. The story goes that the original gate featured a painting of Mary holding baby Jesus and after a devastating fire swept through the capital in 1731, the artwork miraculously survived, appearing to locals like the image of the Virgin Mary was emerging from the ashes.

4. Mount Medvednica

interesting things to do in Zagreb: Mount Medvednica


Rising to heights of over 1,000 meters and surrounded by forested foothills, Mount Medvednica (‘Bear Mountain’), looms over the city of Zagreb and makes an easy escape from the capital. Sljeme is the highest point at 1,033 meters and while hiking the scenic route to the summit is a popular choice, the peak is also reachable by road and cable car, making it the focal point for most day-trippers. The wooded slopes around the summit make up the protected area of Medvednica Nature Park, crisscrossed with hiking and mountain biking trails, as well as restaurants, traditional mountain lodges and a winter ski area.

5. Tkalciceva Street

Tkalciceva Street


Bustling with life, Tkalciceva Street is the place where both locals and tourists go to have a good time – it is a must-see when in Zagreb. Named after a Croatian historian, it is a long winding street lined with charming little houses and balconies, which makes it the perfect place for a romantic stroll.

With bars, cafes, restaurants, and clubs lining the streets, there is lots to see and do. You can enjoy some of the best local cuisines here before heading on to one of the nearby bars. Numerous venues offer live music and, with the best nightlife in Zagreb, Tkalciceva Street has something for everyone to enjoy.

6. Maksimir Park and Zagreb Zoo

Maksimir Park and Zagreb Zoo


Escape the city noise and take a brisk stroll in the oldest public park in Zagreb. What could be better than a lovely walk in the park full of meadows, streams, creeks, lakes, and other natural surroundings, where you can fully channel your inner nature lover. From the magnificent nature, you can only get distracted by the cultural heritage that this place has to offer. While you’re in the park, do not forget to visit Zagreb Zoo, which is also located here. It’s perfect for a peaceful break from the city.
In conclusion, these are interesting things to do in Zagreb you should experience during your trip.
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