How To Change Keurig Filter- 11 Simple and Easy Steps

Using single-serving plastic cartridges and popular coffee makers like the Keurig, coffee is brewed into cups. Each Keurig has a tiny charcoal filter that cleans the water used to brew your coffee. Your Keurig’s water reservoir filter needs to be changed around once a month. How To Change Keurig Filter? Read on.

1. How To Change Keurig Filter?

Step 1: Remove the water reservoir’s cover from the Keurig. The water reservoir is often found on the left side of Keurig machines. You may reach the water filter by fully removing the reservoir’s top.

  • Whether the reservoir is filled with water or not, you can change the filter.

How To Change Keurig Filter

Step 2: Remove the filter assembly. The upper filter holder’s handle portion will protrude into the water tank. Pull the handle out of the reservoir by firmly grasping it.

  • The water reservoir’s plastic grooves will be used to secure the bottom of the filter-holder unit into place. The filter-holder unit may need to be jerked out of the way or rocked back into position.
  • Your filter will be black with a circular timer if it is a Keurig from the Classic series. The filter on a K200 Plus is clear and shorter; in contrast, the filters on K300 and above versions are tall, thin, and clear.

Step 3: The third step in How To Change Keurig Filter is to remove the filter from the filter holder and throw it away. Pinch in the tabs on the filter unit’s bottom using your thumb and index finger. After releasing the lower filter holder by pulling down, remove the old filter.

  • You can dispose of the old filter in your kitchen trash bin.

Step 4: Purchase a fresh set of Keurig filters. You will have to purchase a set since Keurig water filters are not sold separately. They are frequently sold in packs of six or twelve. The same stores that sell Keurig machines also offer Keurig filters. Check any company or department shop, including Bed Bath and Beyond, Sears, Target, and larger food chains, that sell housewares.

Keurig filters

  • Keurig filters are available from well-known online stores like Amazon and Walmart if you choose to shop there. Additionally, look through the websites of stores that sell housewares.
  • Filter sets cost not too much money. The price might vary from $5 to $10 depending on how many separate filters are included in the box.

Step 5: For five to ten minutes, soak the filter in water. The replacement filter must soak and absorb water before you put it in your Keurig and brew your first cup of coffee. Drop the filter into a cup or dish that has been partially filled with water. While the filter is soaking, make sure it is completely submerged.

  • After floating at first, the filter will sink to the bottom of the cup or bowl after ten minutes since it has absorbed water.

Step 6: The next step in How To Change Keurig Filter is to rise the filter. After the filter has finished soaking, rinse it with tap water for best results. Rinse the filter for a full 60 seconds with the tap water on a medium flow.

Step 7: Clean the bottom filter holder. A thin mesh layer will be present on the bottom of the lower filter holder. To get rid of any dirt or contaminants that may have accumulated through regular use, rinse this with tap water.

  • Give the lower filter holder’s sides a brief rinse as well.

Step 8: In the filter-housing unit, swap out the filter. Place the rounded top of the new filter in the filter holder facing up. Place the lower filter holder beneath it. The flat bottom of the fabric filter should be hidden by the mesh bottom of the lower filter holder. The filter holder’s two sides should be snapped together to enclose the filter.

How To Change Keurig Filter

Step 9: We have already finished 8 steps in How To Change Keurig Filter, we continue to step 9. Advance the replacement clock by two months. On top of the handle of the filter, the replacement unit is where you’ll find the replacement dial. It will list the numbers 1 through 12 and is roughly the size of your thumb (each of which stands for the corresponding month). When the indicator is pointing to the month that is two months ahead of the current month, turn the dial clockwise.

  • Therefore, set the replacement dial to 12 if it is presently October (10th month) (December).
  • This setting will cause the Keurig’s automatic reminder to go off in two months. But you have to manually set the reminder.

Step 10: Set the Keurig to notify you when it’s time to change the filters. There is a setting on your Keurig that allows it to notify you when the water filter needs to be changed every two months. You can activate the reminder using the electronic menu if you’ve correctly turned the replacement dial two months ahead. Choose “Water Filter Reminder” under “Settings” after navigating there. Choose “Enable.”

  • Your Keurig machine’s menu may vary significantly according to its individual model and generation.
  • There is a chance that Keurig 2.0-era devices lack the computerized reminder feature.

How To Change Keurig Filter

Step 11: The last step in How To Change Keurig Filter is to putting the Keurig reservoir’s water filter unit in there. Put the filter unit back together after you’ve done that and insert it into the water filter of the Keurig. If the lower filter holder’s exterior side is firmly placed into the reservoir’s bottom, it will snap into position.

  • If the filter doesn’t click into place, make sure the raised plastic on the floor of the Keurig’s water reservoir and the grooves on the bottom of the lower filter holder are properly aligned.

2. How often should we change the Keurig Filter?

After knowing How To Change Keurig Filter, we should know how often we should change the filter. Your Keurig’s purifying filter in the water reservoir is made to survive a limited number of brew cycles, not for a set period of time. Your need to replace your Keurig should decrease as you use it less frequently.

According to Keurig, filters need to be replaced every two months. However, it advises you to change the filter every 60 tank refills if you don’t brew every day. Alternatively, establish a routine of descaling the Keurig after every other filter replacement. You can program a water filter reminder on some more recent Keurig models so you always know when to change the filter.

When a charcoal filter is used up, it no longer filters the water in the reservoir as well as it should. This may have an impact on both the coffee’s quality and how quickly particles accumulate within the machine.

Except for office-style, Rivo, and K200 models, most recent Keurig models use the same charcoal filters, which are available from the majority of significant Keurig vendors. Additionally, you can purchase them online for as cheap as 65 cents each (they cost approximately 90p in the UK or $4 in Australia).

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