Coway AIRMEGA 400S Air Purifier Review

Coway is a brand name that is reckoned with within the air purification industry. The AIRMEGA 400S is by far the flagship of Coway, using all the top-end functions at a good price. In this post, we will make a Coway AIRMEGA 400S Air Purifier review to help readers identify to buy this device or not.

Coway AIRMEGA 400S Air Purifier Review

AIRMEGA 400S Price

The AIRMEGA 400S price at launch was $649, which is specifically the same as a Smart Blueair Classic 480i. And the AIRMEGA 400S costs you around $749, for an add-on of automated Sleep Mode and both Android and iPhone apps link.

AIRMEGA 400S Design

Coway AIRMEGA 400S Air Purifier review: design

A well-designed air purifier is equal to an effective device. If the layout is top-notch, you can anticipate that the general efficiency will certainly be high quality also.

From the exterior design, it is clear that the Coway AIRMEGA 400S is strong. The tool is likewise made from the very best and strongest materials.

In the case of the Coway AIRMEGA 400S, its dimension is bigger. It has an elevation of 22.8-inch and also a depth/width of 14.8-inch. This makes it larger/bigger than that 21.2-inch of the AIRMEGA 300S air cleanser.

The front and the back of this air purifier are the same. This is since the supplier desired the device to fit into the room. Some tweaks are visible on this tool. The significance of these tweaks is to make it less complicated for customers to take pleasure in the tool to the greatest.

This device has a typical outlet air vent. The air vent aids in discharging the filtering system and fresh air right into space. The device evaluates 24.7 lbs. This makes it twice the weight capacity of the Coway AP-1512HHS air purifier.

AIRMEGA 400S Filters

Coway AIRMEGA 400S Air Purifier review: filters

The special attribute of the AIRMEGA 400S is the filters. To evaluate the efficiency of an air purifier, you need to know the power of its air filters and additionally the number of filters it consists of. Usually, to have an effective air filtration, an air purifier need to stuff as many as feasible air filters to it. As an ingenious tool of the future, AIRMEGA 400S combines into an all-in-one filter for much easier installation:

Pre-filter: A powerful washable pre-filter is offered to aid you to catch large objects of contaminants. Keep in mind to dry out the pre-filter in the shade prior to re-installing it.

Max2 filter: A combination of both Activated Carbon Filter and also True HEPA filter, this filter can both catch as much as 99.97% of air-borne particles 0.3 microns. It likewise decreases more than 99 percent of unpredictable natural substances and also minimizes fumes such as NH3 as well as CH3CHO.

Certainly, the greatest controversy with the ionic filter annoying bronchial asthma and respiratory system concerns push Coway to remove this feature from their most recent front runners. Both devices in the AIRMEGA collection, 300S and 400S will have no ionizer feature in all. Nonetheless, that’s not a terrific problem for the high-quality True HEPA filter of your AIRMEGA 400S.

Noise level

Coway AIRMEGA 400S Air Purifier

The sound degree is 22 decibels (dB) when it is used on the lowest setups. Nevertheless, using it in the greatest settings comes with a sound level of 52 decibels (dB).

Coway, the manufacturer of the Coway AIRMEGA 400S is making innovative updates to the series of devices. That is why the greater fan power of the Coway AIRMEGA 400S doesn’t correspond to much noise.

The quoted sound degree, when used in the most affordable settings, is similar to that of a murmur. As well as when it is made use of at the highest settings, it is still comfy for a bedroom.

Power Consumption

Considering the greater degree of fan power rate, the Coway AIRMEGA 400S has a practical energy consumption of 64 watts. This is due to the Eco Mode that equips the device to make use of the very same energy as a normal light bulb.

The Coway AIRMEGA 400S might be in the center when compared to the various other air purifiers.

In short, this is the full Coway AIRMEGA 400S Air Purifier review for you. Hoping that you can find out the outstanding features of this air purifier.


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